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Playing Videos on your NDS

2010 March 12
Posted by cyisoju
Playing Videos on your NDS

Now that you’ve played MANY games on your R4, you still want to leave some space for video.

Here’s the thing, the R4 plays .dpg files.

Yes, that’s video.

Now to get a .dpg file, you need to convert..



(recommended) xillisoft:





You can get the Xilisoft Converter free, please send some thanks to Andy!

I’m going to re-post it here because you have to “look” for it on the official post.

Xilisoft DPG Converter

wanted to watch and listen to your favorite movies or music on your
Nintendo DS? Now you can! Xilisoft DPG Converter is the right solution
to decode videos for Nintendo DS users. Convert your favorite audio and
video files to play with your Nintendo DS.

Converts: AVI, MPEG, H.264/AVC, 3GP, VOB, DAT, WMV, MP4, DivX, MOV, RM, ASF, WMA, WAV, M4A, AAC, AC3, OGG, CUE, APE, and CDA

Convert popular video formats to DPG/DPG2/DPG3/DPG4



Now to convert just open up the program or website and browse the file you want to convert.

Now click on the .wmv, .avi, .mp4, etc.

*Now some may require you to click “add”*

Click convert or start.

Wait till it finishes, and WALA!

Now put the .dpg file into your R4.

1a. When you load your NDSL up, go to the middle screen.

The multimedia one. (this may vary between flash carts)

1b. Open up Moonshell

Now file the .dpg file by scrolling to where ever you put it.

Now tap on it with your “pen”

GRATZ, it should now be opened and the movie should be on the top screen.

If you have more than one video the “SKIP” is to move between videos.

There is a secondary volume control to you right of the screen.

Loading Screen Freeze?

2010 March 10
Posted by cyisoju

Loading Screen Freeze?

DS Loading

The Loading Screen Error / Freeze / Crash

One of the most common problems with the R4/R4i Revolution DS Card, regardless of whether you are using the R4v2, R4 SDHC, R4v3, R4i SDHC or anything else, is the “Loading…” error. The majority of people assume that this is because their R4 card is broken, and immediately panic or send their card back.


The most common problem is that you have the wrong software for your R4 card. Visit our Software Download page to download your software For Your Card.

Six Steps to Solve the “Loading” Problem

1) Make sure you have downloaded the correct and latest software. For help with this, please visit our Downloads page here.

2) Make sure the software is positioned in the root directory – the ‘base’ or first directory of your Micro-SD card. What your Micro-SD card’s files should look like, can be seen below:

R4 Folder

3) Give your Micro SD a good clean (a good blow or two, as the card contacts can be sensitive to dirt).

4) Make sure that the micro SD is not overloaded. The remainder of your Micro-SD card’s memory is needed to keep your card running in tip top shape.
As a guide, we recommend filling your Micro-SD card no more than 60% full. That means that for a 1GB card, we only recommend filling it 600MB full of games. For a 2GB card, we recommend only filling it up to 1.2GB full,and so on.

5) Make sure the micro SD is pushed down completely into the DS Card (ensure there ia a good contact between Micro SD and R4 card). In a very small minority of cases, the micro SD has to be pull up a bit if the ‘click’ between the micro SD and the R4 card causes them to misalign.

6) Reformat your micro SD (FAT16/32) for optimal performance.

7) Use only Micro SD/ SDHC 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 24 and 32GB. Untested for micro SD above 32GB and problems reported for 6GB micro SD. *(For R4 v2, only use 2GB micro SD or below)

Following these simple steps should help users avoid this most common problem suffered by many users of the R4, I hope this Guide has helped you in solving this issue.

Mario & Sonic at The Olympic Winter Games

2010 March 10

The biggest Olympic superstars are back and the only country they’re representing is video game land. The team-up that fans could previously only dream of is back, as the worlds of Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog combine at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

Donkey Kong is added to the line-up of gaming’s biggest superstars
New addition Metal Sonic faces off against Mario in the ice hockey game
The Dream Ski Cross event looks suspiciously similar to Mario Kart Wii
Princess Peach looks particularly fetching during the figure skating

Following the same format of the 2008 summer games tie-in you and your friends can choose to compete in authentic Olympics disciplines as everyone from Mario and Sonic to Bowser, Dr Eggman, Yoshi and Tails.

All the disciplines you’d expect are here, including alpine skiing, ice hockey, speed skating, bobsleigh, figure skating and snowboard halfpipe. There will also be new fantasy events such as Dream Ski Cross, which sees everyone competing in a Mario Kart style race complete with familiar looking power-ups and speed boosts. Realism isn’t the goal here, just good old fashioned multiplayer fun.

Key Features
Superstar team-up: Only the second game to include Mario and Sonic characters together, featuring the official Olympics license and input from Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto.
Worlds collide: Play as any of the characters from the original game – from Prince Peach to Vector the Crocodile, as well as first-timers Donkey Kong and Metal Sonic.
Added balance: For the first time in a Sonic & Mario game you’ll be able to use the Balance Board for some events, if you have one.
The full monty: The new Festival mode lets you play through the whole of the Olympic Winter Games, including all the disciplines and an opening and closing ceremony.
Friendly rivalry: Mountains of multiplayer options, including four-player competitive tournaments and co-operative games.

Download Here :

NDS R4i Games-Engines Features and Introduction

2010 March 10
Posted by cyisoju

More and more players wonder the method of right deploy operation for the R4I-SDHC games-engine V1.1 in the forums. Now we have posted a detailed instruction and hope it can solve your questions.

A. NDS R4i Games-Engines Features and Introduction

1. Go to the to download the latest firmware. Install the firmware to the micro SD card.

2. Insert micro SD card to the R4i-SDHC flash-cart, and switch on NDS machine. At the main menu, press the blue “GE” moving ball at left lower corner to start the R4i WIFI Games-Engines features.

3. Message below indicate that, successfully login to the game-engines server through WIFI

4.   Please make sure you have already configure WIFI setting and WIFI network is available, other error message will be display as below.

5.  There is a unique user ID of the flash-card display at the top of the web address after successful login into the R4i Games-Engines.

6.   Using the NDS R4i Games Engines features you can define the search method such as games type or games release date to search the prefer games using the NDS machine. From the search list you can read the info such as games introduction, games languages and etc… Just a simply select the games from the search list, you can add the games to the download list. And the games will be automatic download to your PC through the PC-based Games-Engines software

B. PC Based Games Engine Installation Guide

1. You need to install the PC based Games-Engines software. The installer can be downloading from the or The installation file was “setup_games_engine_V1.1”

2.   Install the “setup_games_engine_v1.1

3.   After install the Games-Engine, during the first execution of the games-engine software you will encounter a popup message which is requiring the license file.

4.   The license file was locate under the micro-SD card “R4iMenu\WIFI” If you are using multiple flash-cart, make sure you select the correct license file which matching to the unique user ID display at the Games-Engine firmware at the NDS machine. This step only was required during the first time execution of the Games-Engine software.

5.   Well now you can start to use the games-engines software. The “Download” tab refers to the download list of the NDS games. You can manage your downloaded NDS games here.

6.  All the complete downloaded NDS games can be view under the “File List” tab

7.   Using the config menu to view the system configuration. You also can change the User ID by import different license file under config menu.

8.   You also can visit our web site for latest information and extra features, under the “web tab

You can go to the or to download the File.

R4i-SDHC First time set-up

2010 March 10
Posted by cyisoju

This tutorial is for setting up the R4-SDHC and R4i-SDHC(1.4) for the first time.

In this tutorial I will be using an R4-SDHC, NDSlite, and the R4i English v1.14b firmware to show you step-by-step how to set up your cards.
I’ll also be using a 2gb SD card which I need to update from my 1.09 firmware, please ignore the two folders which will show up in the tutorial since I’m just updating it, but it will show how to set up your card for the first time. Thank you.

First make sure your card is an R4-SDHC/R4i-SDHC(1.4) genuine, make sure the card says on the label and to check if its genuine go here
. There are many cloned sites which their firmware may ruin your R4i-SDHC cards.

Your genuine code for the R4i-SDHC can be found in the back side of the card, remove the film to reveal your code.

To write the code in the form it should be like this:
DS card                  Form
1 xxxxx 2xxxxx        first square, second square, third square, forth square
3 xxxxx 4xxxxx

Once that is settled and you know your card is in fact an R4i-SDHC genuine you may continue the install of the firmware.

You will need the R4i-SDHC firmware which can be located at in the download section. There will be two columns to download from, if your card is an R4-SDHC or an R4i-SDHC(1.4) your download will be located in the orange section and you can choose your language to download from. The green section are for the old R4i-SDHC card before the 1.4 update which is no longer updated.

You may also get the R4i-SDHC firmware from Andy’s SD backups withing the forum if the R4i site is down. Only functional for 1.4 cards. But if site is working please download from there primarily.

Once you downloaded the firmware we need to open the R4i (lang) v*.**b.rar zip file, inside there will be a folder names R4i (lang) v*.**b. Extract that folder to your computer. Inside that folder you will find the:
Lets leave the folder open there for a bit.

Now with your SD card we are going to plug into the computer and we going to format the SD card for first use. If it was in use please back up all your documents before the format so you don’t loose your files, unless they are unnecessary.
To format your SD Card you need to go to My Computer and locate your SD card drive, it may be under the (:E) through (:I) drives.
Once you have that located right-click the drive and look for FORMAT, a new window will pop up. In the image we will see the Format window for the SD card and how it should be set up for; Size of the capacity of the card, File system which should be FAT32, Default allocated size and Quick Format.

Now that we have the SD card formatted and ready for use we can continue with the firmware. Now we go back to window we left open with the R4i firmware. Now we will transfer the:
Those are the only files that will be transfered to the SD card.

The common mistake I have seen people do is take the folder named R4i (lang) v*.**b to the SD card.  In doing so, the card will not be able to read the firmware and give you the ?MENU image.

Okay now we have the SD with the R4i firmware inside. Safely remove the SD card from the computer. You may notice the SD card is hot once you remove it from the computer I suggest let the card cool down for a few seconds or blow air on it to cool it down quicker.
A small computer knowledge: heat may damage any electronic part.
Now we insert the card into the R4i-SDHC card and insert it into the DS.  If followed the tutorial you should see the R4i-SDHC you turn on the DS.


Now adding games, movies and music.

Back at the computer with the SD card plugged in.

We going to open the SD card drive. Once there we can see the files and folders we mentioned before when we set-up the SD card for the firmware, only this time we will see a file has been added:

Don’t worry this file is created when you turned on the DS with the R4i-sdhc, no need to delete it as is part of the firmware. Now we are going to create three new folders named:

We make the folders to make the card look more organized than just dropping the files into the SD card and making it look like this. In doing so you may delete the wrong file by mistake.

Now that we created the folders we can drag the games, music and videos to their folders. Once you play a game for the first the system will create one or two files, these files are DEMON0 and DEMON.

Now your are ready to use your R4i-SDHC finally. Hope this Tutorial was helpful and also solve some problems along the way

Hello world!

2010 March 10
Posted by cyisoju

Welcome to

This is your first post, produced automatically by You should edit or delete it, and then start blogging!